Here is the missing jQuery 1.4.2 vsdoc file!

UPDATE: With the release of v1.5.x of jQuery, Microsoft has updated the vsdoc files, so this post will probably no longer apply to you…

I’m a bit peeved that Microsoft has not published an official vsdoc file for jQuery version 1.4.2.  A while back, Scott Guthrie announced Microsoft would be supporting  jQuery so I expected they would keep up with new releases of jQuery.  I love Visual Studio’s IntelliSense feature and rely on it quite heavily.  And in order to get IntelliSense for jQuery functionality within Visual Studio, you need to have a companion *-vsdoc.js file that matches the version of  jQuery you are using.  Now I realize the changes between 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 are not that substantial, but come on… 1.4.2 has been released for several months already.  If you look at the website where you are supposed to download this file, you will see it is missing:

Microsoft's Ajax Content Delivery Network page

Doing some googling you will see a number of others have found this to be an issue, so with some help from this question, I decided to create the file and release it for others to use:

Download my own official jQuery v1.4.2 vsdoc file: jquery-1.4.2-vsdoc.js

Once you have it copied it into your Visual Studio solution file, you should now be able to get full and complete jQuery v1.4.2 IntelliSense support like this:

Visual Studio IntelliSense example

I hope you find it useful.  And of course, if you find anything wrong with it, please add a comment.

One Response to “Here is the missing jQuery 1.4.2 vsdoc file!”

  1. sigmainfo2010 Says:

    Subject: How to open a web page via windows forms with minimal browser options?

    Issue Description:
    I tried to open a web page via windows forms with the following code
    C#: process.start(“iexlorer.exe”,”url”);
    This code opens IE with menu bar & toolbar options.
    I want to know is there any way to show the browser with url and content only and no other browser options.


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