WPF MVVM Video by Jason Dolinger

I just happened upon a video put together by Jason Dolinger on the WPF MVVM (Model View ViewModel) pattern, which I found to be excellent.  In this 1.5 hour video he refactors a simple application using the pattern and does a great job describing the benefits as he goes along.  It is also interesting to see his use of Unity as well.  Here is a direct link to the video:


And here’s a link to a blog post about it with a link to the source code:



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  1. the rasx() context » Blog Archive » Flippant Remarks, Yet Again about WPF/MVVM… Says:

    […] Jason Dolinger’s MVVM video, at about 1:10 he starts into getting static data to show up in Blend to make MVVM stuff […]

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